Championship Game: ATENEO Golden Knights vs NCF Tigers

Before, I am not really into sports. I often watch ball games ‘cos I thought it’s boring and just a waste of time. But because of the influence of my best friend, Iris, I now enjoy watching basketball and cheer for our team. Unlike her, who always watch almost every game for she admired one of our team players (Gk24), I only watch whenever my schedule and money permits me. haha Although their games were usually scheduled during weekends, I often watch them due to many schoolworks and other important matters. Also, my fare from our house to the coliseum is very costy for I had to ride three times just to get there. I have to have at least P70.00 for my fare excluding the entrance fee (P10.00/P20.00) and of course, my snacks. :D

Anyway, after all the battles between colleges and universities here in Naga City, the teams who made it to the Finals were ATENEO DE NAGA UNIVERSITY (AdNU) and NAGA COLLEGE FOUNDATION (NCF). It’s crazy ‘cos both schools are close to my heart— NCF was my second home since Elementary Grades until I graduated from High school and AdNU is my new home now that I’m in college. But, of course, I proudly cheered for my present schoolmates—TEAM ATENEO. In fact, to show my support for them, I bought this baller from Ballers Unlimited though it’s worth a lot for a baller.

The Final battle was composed of three games. The first game happened last October 22. Here are some pictures I took during the game:

The NCF band perfomed during Half-time. :D

Team Ateneo singing AdNU’s hymn: “Regnum Dei”

Here are the scores at the end of every quarter:

1st Quarter: 21 - 16

2nd Quarter: 38 - 33

3rd Quarter: 54 - 57

4th Quarter: 73 - 75

NCF Tigers won. We were really sad about the this, but we looked at the brighter side— there are still two more games, we still have the chance to win. :D

The next day, October 23, was the second game. Here’s what happened:

Team Ateneo doing their warm-up :D

The Game Plan. :D


Ateneo Golden Cavalry performing during Half-time. :D

One of Ateneo’s best player, ALLAN #18, got injured. :(

Dominic #07 doing one of his free throws. :”“>

Also, Gawyn #24 doing one of his free throws. :D

ATENEO GOLDEN KNIGHTS singing the “Regnum Dei”.

A picture with the University President, Fr. Primitivo “Jun” Viray, Jr., S.J. :D

Here are the scores at the end of every quarter:

1st Quarter: 19 - 20

2nd Quarter: 

3rd Quarter: 48 - 53

4th Quarter: 65 - 74

At last, Ateneo Golden Knights won! :D We were really happy that night. My sister and I, together with our friends, decided to walk from the coliseum to ‘centro’ to save our money and buy some ice cream on the way. While walking, there were some NCF students who seem to find it hard to accept that their team was defeated by ours. They would wave their “NCF Tigers” banner in our face and just keep on talking and talking about our team who, according to them, cheated during the game; that we should have our cars to ride on since we are Ateneans. Stereotyping? Haha K! We tried to ignore them and, actually, informed them that we are alumni of their school. I bet they were shocked by that. Haha

Both teams were given a week to practice for the last game. Honestly, I didn’t prayed for team Ateneo to win this game (though I want them to. haha). I just asked God that the team who played fairly and cleanly wins this game. Last October 29 was the Game 3. My sisters and I planned to go to the Coliseum at 4pm, an hour earlier, so that we could choose our seats. Unfortunately, we arrived around 4:15pm because of the heavy traffic. We were overwhelmed by great number of people who already occupied the front seats. :((( To make our situation worse, we forgot to bring our digital camera; the reason why we don’t have any documentation of the game. We have pictures taken by Iris with her new friend’s DSLR, though. The problem is, the pictures are not yet uploaded. :( I am really excited to see it cos I actually had a picture with Gawyn (Gk24) who was the Most Valuable Player during the game, and Dominic, one of the good players of the team whom I admire among them. <3

Here are the scores at the end of every quarter:

1st Quarter: 10 - 9

2nd Quarter: 22 - 22

3rd Quarter: 41 - 38

4th Quarter: 63 - 66

Overall, all three games were AWESOME! Ateneo Golden Knights is the back-to-back CHAMPION! Thank God! :D

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